Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday night download

Heres hoping this is the right place to eek out a few thought from tired synapses. The ecocentrus project continues to buoy me on, with each additional function stimulating a flurry of activity as I try it out from as many angles as I can think of and have time for. Of course there are always new things I would like to see, and I am developing a deeper sense of patience and confidence that Ali will provide.

Looking to the distant future I can see this site becoming a widely used tool for interfacing with nature and local ecology and economy. I think about farming the urban block, using the sightings to provide algorithms of microhabitat/climate to direct crop choice and management. So we can take urban permaculture out of the trial and error syndrome to the subscribed expert model, where we host experts who will in turn have followers who can be directed in their horticultural endevours. I hope these are geographically clustered so we end up with blocks of crops and a viable distribution system.

taking a leaf out of where you can post your produce into a local market system and find people to give a good price without all the wasted miles.

There need not be a glut of apples or beans as long as there is a pickler or cider maker in the area. We have plenty at our doorstep, and its only logistics which keeps us hungry.

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