Sunday, September 19, 2010

Equinox Approaching

As when I was a bit younger, I still have these moments of clarity. Tonight as I did the dishes I had a feeling of serenity befall me. A sense that the evening would be long and fruitful. Not wanting to worry about how this all pans out, but just grasping the opportunity, as the ipod shuffles my favourite songs,I ignore the competing distraction available a the touch of a button, or two. last night I strengthened the bonds of a button on my suede waist coat, it was most gratifying. Jimmy Cliff sings 'many rivers to cross'. I sip, no gulp, at the last Peroni and feel the latent hangover limber up in the meningeal fluid around my brain. Now the blues Brothers stomp out ' Gimmi some Loving' and the tempo feels just fine.I have been considering a haircut for a few weeks now.

So what have we here? A space to write with the possibility of an audience, with whom? Could be the Pope, could be a popeless cause, hmm[ph.

So Equinox approaches. The sun heads across the equator. And we dust of our heavier coats, of pull out thicker jumpers. Might need some new footwear for this one. But then again, might need a whole new wardrobe.