Monday, February 15, 2010


Today I was remembering songs that I have written, as an aid de memoir I will post the titles only, and fill in the lyrics as time permits. We are having a tea break whilst we are preparing to solder up the rest of the heating piping.

Toon Town
Bowlfull of wax
Too Hard for me
Your dirty secret
Hallowed ground
Full force full love
Humble pie
Bring your rain
Ive got mine
The Old song
Changing weather
Fighting song
Sallow man
Little milk float
Give me the Highway
Wildfire Babylon

All these songs have lyrics and a melody, but not all are completed. I would like to work on them further once I have bought myself some more time. Problem being I dont know where the time shop is!

Tea has arrived at my side. Great.

Laters peeps........

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